Running Acceptance Tests in Docker Analyticstack

For docker analyticstack setup, follow instructions under Getting Started on Analytics section in Devstack repository.


  • Access analytics pipeline shell:

    make analytics-pipeline-shell
  • Before running the user-location workflows, a geolocation Maxmind data file must be downloaded. This file can be in HDFS or S3, for example, and should be pointed to by the geolocation_data setting in the geolocation section of your configuration file. To use the default location used by acceptance tests, execute the following:

    curl -fSL -o /var/tmp/GeoIP.dat.gz
    cd /var/tmp/ && gunzip /var/tmp/GeoIP.dat.gz
    mv GeoIP.dat geo.dat
    hdfs dfs -put geo.dat /edx-analytics-pipeline/

Running Acceptance Tests

  • To run the full test suite, execute the following command in the shell:

    make docker-test-acceptance-local-all
  • To run individual tests, execute the following:

    make docker-test-acceptance-local<test_script_file>    # e.g.
    make docker-test-acceptance-local